Medical Marijuana in Florida: Past, Present, Future

      The medical marijuana industry in Florida has undergone dramatic changes in the last four years. Join us for a daylong learning opportunity to explore its history, peek at what we think the future holds and truly understand what options cities have today to regulate medical marijuana. Part classroom instruction, part facility tour, attendees will learn the differences between cultivation, processing and distribution facilities, plus discuss the local impact and safety concerns of each. Attendees will also have a candid question and answer session with the former Department of Health’s Office of Medical Marijuana Director, Christian Bax.

Reminder: All participants will be required to ride the bus provided due to security and parking restrictions at the facilities.

5/3/2019 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM
William B. Dickinson City Hall, Health Room 1601 N Krome Avenue Homestead, FL 33030

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