Paying by Check

The League understands that while credit card payments are becoming standard practice in today's electronic payment processing environment, in some cases, our members may need to submit payment by check for event registrations. We are happy to provide our members with this service; and with your help, we can ensure that these types of registration payments are processed accurately and expeditiously.

Payment Time Frame
Additional fees may apply if payment is submitted after the registration deadline. To take advantage of specific registration rates (such as early registration), we require that payments are received on or before the date when that specific registration type ends.  Please note that postal mail takes 2-5 business days to reach our office, and intra-office mail processing can delay that receipt of payment in some cases by an additional day. Because transit time subsequently delays registration, we ask that you please plan accordingly when generating your check payment.

On-Site Registrations by Check
If a discounted registration rate is available for the event you wish to attend, it is only offered prior to an event, and in the time frame specified by the event registration announcement. For events that have a late registration fee, on-site registrations are charged as late registrations.  If you will be paying on-site by check for an event with a late registration rate, the late fee applies even if you have registered-without-paying before the event begins.  Please calculate the total registration fee to include the late rate, and make the check for this amount; contact your event coordinator if you need guidance in fee calculation.

Registration Documentation
Check payments must be sent to us with the correct documentation. The method of registration determines the type of documentation you will provide with your check payment.

Online Registration: We recommend using the online registration service whenever possible, as this will ensure that you receive information related to the event in the timeliest manner.  One of your payment options during web registration is Pay by Check; choosing this options initiates a registration in our records, and denotes it as expecting a payment to arrive later by mail. After submitting your registration, the website will provide you with an Order Confirmation; please print the Order Confirmation page and include it with your mailed check payment.  If you are unable to print this page, you may, instead, send a printed copy of the registration confirmation you will receive via email after you have completed the online registration process.

Print-Form Registration: If a printable registration form is provided, you may complete it by hand and remit it with your mailed check payment.  Please note that postal mail takes 2-5 business days to reach our office, and this method will subsequently delay your registration. Plan accordingly.

Remit payment to:
Florida League of Cities, Inc.
P.O. Box 1757
Tallahassee, Florida 32302-1757